Evans' Brewery Ethos.

Our main focus at Evans' Brewery is being local. Where possible we will source our ingredients from Ireland, buying from Irish companies, using local suppliers, and regularly eating at the chippy next door during those long brewdays.

As well as buying local, we'll also only be selling local. You will only get our beers on a visit to an Inishowen (or thereabouts) pub or restaurant. Being local is important to us, and we will continue to support many local businesses.

Equally important, though, is our impact on the environment. We will use environmentally friendly cleaning products in the brewery, including steam cleaning and biodegradable cleaning products (and even some of these are made locally).

Finally, we want to create beautifuly simple, balanced beers. If you have a local product that would make an interesting beer, or have a product that would benefit from such, please get in touch; we want to work with you. We're only small (1.5 barrels/250 litres), so have a lot of scope for experimenting.

Our aims for the future.

As we grow we hope to be able to source our ingredients from companies closer to home. We will work on reducing our waste materials, and change to a green energy supplier (just as soon as we are contractually able to do so).

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